Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Although I agree, this does not apply to our electricity. Electricity that is generated by renewable energies like wind, water and solar sounds so much sweeter than electricity generated by fossil fuels or nuclear power!


We at Wildehondekloof recently took on the responsibility of taking care of our planet by reducing the impact we have on it. So how did we make our rose smell sweeter? Well, we built a 61kwh solar farm on our game reserve at the foot of the Swartberg mountain. Since the start of June we have been officially off the grid, running off the bounties of nature. As an added benefit our guests are no longer affected by the national load shedding schedule. No one has to plan around anything except relaxing by the pool or when to go for a hike on our breathtaking hiking trail. You just might be lucky enough to meet our baby giraffe .

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